The Z1000 Configured package provides a Z1000 Drive in a NEMA 1 (uL Type 1), NEMA 12 (uL Type 12), or NEMA 3R (uL Type 3R) enclosure, with space for several commonly used options, such as reactors, fuses, circuit breakers, etc. The Z1000 Configured has been designed for flexibility in providing the features and options commonly demanded by HVAC control designers. The Z1000 Configured is BTL listed, view listing.

This Configured package is designed for tough environments. It is rugged and reliable. A variety of enclosure options provide the right environmental protection.

The Z1000 Configured supports a variety of communication protocols. Input "non-fused" disconnect is standard.
Unit of Measure


Input Voltage

N/A 480 V

Power Rating

N/A 2 hp1.492 kW

Total Length

N/A 14.56 in

Total Width

N/A 6.77 in

Total Height

N/A 41.60 in


N/A 65 lb

Feature Highlights


  • 100k AIC Package Rating
  • Input "Non-Fused" Disconnect
  • Standard Digital Inputs (4)
    • Run
    • Safety
    • BAS Interlock
    • Smoke Purge
  • Programmable Digital Inputs (3)
  • Form "C" Programmable Relays (4)
  • Embedded BACnet communications (BTL Certified), along with Modbus/Memobus, APOGEE FLN and Metasys N2
  • Phase Loss and Low Voltage Monitor – Protects Against Contactor Coil Burn-out
  • Duct Pressurization Function (Pre-run)
Available in 12-pulse and 18-pulse versions

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